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Power-Sonic PSL-SH-1270 F2 Battery - LifePO4 12.8V/7.2AH

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the  the Powersonic PSL-SH-1270 Battery. This SUPER SAFE Lithium Iron Phosphate substitute for sealed lead acid batteries - is 40% lighter than the SLA counterpart and provides 12.8V/7.2AH of POWER. This HIGH RATE Power-Sonic PSL-SH-1270 includes a proprietary BMS (battery management system), allowing for safe series or parallel configuration, enabling the end user to multiply the output exponentially. Delivering 2X the power of traditional sealed lead acid batteries, even at high rate discharge - this battery maintains constant power.


Voltage - 12.8V
Capacity - 7.2AH
Dimensions - 5.94" L x 2.55" W x 3.74" H (150.9mm x 64.8mm x 95.0mm)
Terminals  - F2 (.250" spade)
Chemistry - LiFePO4

Spec sheet 

MSDS ( Material Safety Datasheet)

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