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Power-Sonic PSC-124000-LIFE Charger for LiFEPO4 Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM provides the Powersonic PSC-12400-LIFE Battery Charger for Charging LiFEPO4 Batteries. Manufactured in Europe to charge 4 Cell (12.8V batteries) , it delivers 4.0A output, with three step control and current detection. Capable of charging any LiFEPO4 battery from 4-40AH rating, this UL, CE and DOE Charger comes with charging cord with insulated alligator clips. This Charger  also offers Medical Certification to both EN6061-1-1 3.1 and Home Healthcare EN6061-1-11.

PSC-124000-LIFE Charger Specifications:

Nominal Voltage - 12.8V
Standby Voltage - 14.0V
Charge Voltage - 14.6V
Output Current - 4000mA
Charger Type - 3 stage
Dimensions - 5.31" x 3.15" x 1.73"

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