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Water Tech, Pool Blaster PB8Cell, 8C2219MF-AF Replacement Battery


Regular price $69.95 CAD

BBM supplies our aftermarket replacement Battery ZNG-PB8CELL for the Pool Blaster Max by Water Tech. This battery is a direct cross on the 8C22119MF-AF Battery. Made in house in our ISO approved facility - these Pool Cleaning batteries are in stock and ready to ship.


Battery Attributes:

Reference:    Poolblaster 9.6

Voltage (V):    9.6 V

Capacity (Ah):   3AH

Chemistry :    Ni-Mh

Replaces 8C2219MF-AF Battery, PB8CELL Battery, PB-8CELL Battery



If you require 8.4V version battery.. Please see the cross reference recommendation above ..