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WALYNX-RCHB-HC Battery Replacement - part # GP130AAM6BMX, 300-03864-1, LPK500-4B

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the UPGRADED WALYNX-RCHB-SC, WALYNX-RCHB-HC Battery for ADT, Ademco, Honeywell and ADI. This 7.2V/2000mAh Battery crosses to the 103-301179, 103-306689 and the LKP500-4B Battery. We build these in house in our ISO approved facility.

Please note -----this is the High Capacity - 2 pin version, If your battery is Nicad and the same size as this (85mm x 52mm x 15mm) - you should order the battery below:


If your battery is a larger battery (100mm x 68mm x 17mm) - AND a 3 contact/connector version - please order the battery below:



Fit Model:

Ademco 300-03865 Battery, Ademco 300-03866 Battery, Ademco 55026089 Battery, Ademco 781410403291 Battery, Ademco C8-B33 Battery, Ademco K5109 Battery, Ademco LYNX BACK UP WALYNX-RCHB-SC Battery, Ademco MS104 Battery,Ademco WALYNX-RCHB-SC Battery, Ademco WALYNX-RCHB-SC KS109 Battery 

Adi Lynx Alarm Panel Battery , Adi WALYNX-RCHB-SC Battery

Adt Lynx Alarm Security Panel Battery, Adt WALYNX-RCHB-SC Battery , Adt QuickConnect Security System Battery, Adt Safewatch QuickConnect Plus Battery

Honeywell Ademco 300-03865 Battery,Honeywell Ademco 55026089 Battery,Honeywell Ademco 781410403291 Battery, HoneywellAdemco K5109 Battery,Honeywell Ademco Lynx Battery,Honeywell Ademco LYNXRCHKIT-SC Battery,Honeywell Ademco WALYNXRCHB Battery, Honeywell Ademco WALYNX-RCHB-SC Battery, Honeywell Ademco WALYNX-RHCB-HC Battery,Honeywell K5109 Battery, HoneywellL3000LYNX PLUS Battery, HoneywellL 3000GSMPK Battery,Honeywell L5000 LYNX TOUCH Battery,Honeywell L5100 LYNX TOUCH Battery,Honeywell L5200 LYNX TOUCH Battery,Honeywell L5210 LYNX TOUCH Battery,Honeywell L7000 LYNX TOUCH Battery, Honeywell Lynx Control Panels Battery,Honeywell Lynx L3000 Battery, Honeywell Lynx L5000 Battery,Honeywell Lynx L5100 Battery,Honeywell Lynx Plus Battery, Honeywell Lynx Touch control panels Battery, Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200 Battery, Honeywell Lynx wireless alarm control panel Battery, Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA Battery, Honeywell Lyric Keypad LKP500-EN Battery

Part Number:
GP GP130AAM6BMX battery

Honeywell 103-301179, Honeywell 103-303689 battery , Honeywell 300-03864-1 battery , Honeywell LKP500-4B battery

Battery Specifications:
Voltage 7.2 V
Chemistry Ni-MH
Dimensions 84.65 x 51.42 x 14.50mm
Capacity  2000Mah