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Vertiv Liebert GTX4 UPS Battery Set, Supports GXT4-6000RT208, GXT4-5000RT208

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $1,749.95 CAD

BBM Supplies the COMPLETE 208V GTX-4 UPS Battery Set.  This dual Battery Pack has an output of 144V/9.0AH. It is a complete plug and play solution for your Liebert Vertiv UPS Battery Replacement, and is a drop in for the GXT4-6000RT208 Batteries and theGXT4-5000RT208 Batteries.


  • Works with Select 208V GTX-4 UPS
  • 144V Internal Battery
Safely replace your UPS battery with the Replacement set for the 208V Liebert GXT4 UPS from VERTIV Liebert. Designed for use with 208V GTX4 UPS systems including GXT4-5000RT208 and GXT4-6000RT208 models, this is a complete plug and play solution.