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Velux 833442, 49BA12BB Battery Rebuild for Electronic Blinds - BBM Battery

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $119.95 CAD

We offer a RETROFIT service for the non-existant Velux KL110 Battery. Rebuilt in house in our ISO Certified facility, this Rebuilt battery will keep your Velux Blinds and Skylights fully operational. Also known as the Velux 833442, the 49BA12BG Battery - it also crosses difrectly to the VAS 451509-0406 Battery


This model is a REBUILD - you must send in your used battery for complete rebuilding

NOTE - we use ONLY the Panasonic HHR380A cell in the rebuild - the exact same cell used in the Original Battery

Please ship your used battery and a copy of your order to the following address: 

BBM Battery Inc.
1015 Matheson Blvd E
Unit #7
Mississauga, ON L4W 3A4