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Sportdog SAC00-12544 Battery Replacement for SD-1225 Receiver

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement CS-SD125SL battery for the Sportdog SD-3225, SD-2525 and more (see below). This battery is a drop in replacement for the Sportdog SAC00-12544 Battery.

Fits SPORTDOG Receiver Model:
  • HoundHunter SD-3225 SR-300 receiver
  • ProHunter SD-2525 SR-300 receiver
  • SD-1225 Trainer Receiver
  • SD-1225E Receiver
  • SD-1825 Trainer Receiver
  • SD-1825E Receiver
  • SD-2525 Trainer Receiver
  • SD-3225 Trainer Receiver
  • SportHunter SD-1225 SR-300 receiver
  • SportHunter SD-1825 SR-300 receiver
  • SportHunter SD-1875 SR-300BO receiver
  • SR-300 Receiver
  • WetlandHunter SD-1825 Camo SR-300W receiver


SPORTDOG Battery Replacement
  • SAC00-12544



Item No.: CS-SD125SL

Capacity: 200mAh

Type: Li-Polymer

Voltage: 7.4V


Dimension: 26.31 x 40.13 x 5.77mm


BIN - CS-1302