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Soundcast Outcast ICO421, ICO420 Battery

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $89.95 CAD

BBM supplies our Aftermarket Replacement Battery ZNG-STC411SL for the Soundcast Outcast ICO410, ICO411 portable speaker. This battery replaces the Soundcast 2-540-001-01 Battery (and more)- for a full list, see below. In stock and ready to ship.

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry     Ni-MH
Voltage     24v
Capacity     2000mAh / 48.00Wh
Warranty     12 Months
Part No   ZNG-STC411SL

Speaker Model Number:

Soundcast ICO410 Battery , Soundcast ICO410-4n Battery ,  Soundcast ICO411a Battery , Soundcast ICO411a-4N Battery , Soundcast Outcast ICO410 Battery , Soundcast Outcast ICO410-4n Battery , Soundcast Outcast ICO411a Battery , Soundcast Outcast ICO411a-4N Battery 

Battery Part Number:

OUTCAST 20S-1P Battery, 2-540-001-01 Battery, CS-STC411SL battery 

BIN  1199 

PLEASE NOTE - you will need to check your current battery for the pins inside the connector. Most of the original batteries are made with male pins - some are made with female pins.

If require the battery with female pins, please order the battery in the cross reference recommendation (above).