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SM201 Battery, Cross to DR-201, NI2040, 11.1V/4.25AH

BBM Battery Canada

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This  SM201 Battery (formerly the Duracell DR201) supports the for the Anritsu MT9082 Battery, the MT9082A2 Battery, and the MT9082A8 Battery, along with MANY other models (partial list below). Delivering 11.1V/4250mAh of power it is a direct replacement for the SM201-6 Battery, the 2044978-004 Battery, and the  NI2040 Battery.

This SM-201 Battery will fit the following models: 

 MT9082, MT9082A2, MT9082A8, MT9082A9, MT9082B2, MT9082B8, MT9082B9, MT9082C2, MT9082C8, MT9082C9

GE: B20 Healthcare, B30 Healthcare, B40 Healthcare, Dash 3000, Dash 4000 Dash 5000

This SM-201 Battery will replace the following part numbers:

Anritsu: SM201-6

GE: 2044978-004, SM201-6, SM201-5.0-35, SM201-6, SM201-4.2, DR201, NI2040, SMP2015, 91.47027.011, LI201SX, 20178757.002

SM201 Battery Specifications:

Chemistry: Li-Ion (rechargeable) 
Voltage: 11.1V 
Capacity: 4250mAh 
Rate: 47Wh
Dimensions: 8.47 x 2.086 x .762"

PLEASE NOTE: A Two-bay charger for this battery is also available - If interested, please see our Cross Reference Recommendation