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Signalink ISD-2500 Battery Replacement for Fire-Link II Fire Alarm

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Signalink Fire-Link II Battery for Fire Alarm Systems. Built in house in Canada, this battery  Delivers 11.1V/2.6AH of power. Assembled with highest quality Samsung ICR18650-26J cells using a 5.0A cut off safety circuit, this battery allows for safe operation without risk of undercharge/overcharge or shorting out. This battery is a direct cross to the IVC 541866-3S225P1A Battery. 

ZNG-ISD2500 Battery Specifications:

Voltage - 11.1
Capacity - 2600mAh
Size - 55mm x 19mm x 68mm
Chemistry - Li-Ion

NOTE - this Battery is not yet UN38.3 certified and will not and can not be transported by Air as carry on or as cargo. 


BIN - CS-602