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Signalink BATT-ISD1000 Battery Replacement for Firelink I Fire Alarm

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Aftermarket Replacement for the Signalink Firelink 1 Fire Alarm. Delivering 9.6V/2000mAh of power, this Ni-Mh Replacement is built in house in our ISO certified facility. This is a direct cross the Signalink BATT-ISD1000 Battery and the GPHC182N07 Battery.

NOTE - this battery comes with wire leads only and WITHOUT the circuit board.  You must remove the circuit board from your old battery and solder the new Battery.

Voltage - 9.6V
Capacity - 2000mAh
Part # - ZNG-ISD1000
Chemistry - NiMh
Size - 118mm x 15mm x 51mm