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Saflok A28110 Replacement Battery for Keyless Entry Systems

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Aftermarket A28110 Battery for the Saflok Door Lock Systems. Delivering 6V/2800mAh of power and supporting the Saflok X-GAA-FC42 Electronic Door Locks & the MT Interior Door Locks - the 740012 batteries, are guaranteed to keep your Keyless Entry Systems secure. 

Fits Model:

Saflok Keyless entry system, A28110, DL-4, MT Interior pack

Also Fits:

Dantona DL-12, Hd Supply 884952, House Of Batteries DL-14, Interstate Batteries ADRY0017, Nabc 720837000, Nabc HTL11, Powerhouse Two DL-08, Saflok A28100, Saflok A28110, Saflok DL-8, Saflok HTL-13, Saflok MT, Saflok PMI235NT, Saflok X-GAA-FC42

Equivalent Batteries:

Saflok 28110, Saflok 884952, Saflok Gibraltar, Saflok MT, 720837000n, HTL11, HTL13, DL-12, DL-4, 884952, ADRY0017, DRY0017, DRY0066

For use in:  

Keyless Door Locks, Door Lock Batteries / Battery Pack, IC Card Hotel Lock, Guest Card Door Lock, Hotel IC Lock, Hotel RF Card Lock, TM Card Hotel Lock, IC Smart Card Lock, Smart Card Hotel Lock, Digital Door Lock

Cross Reference:

  • Battery Store: DL-12, HTL11
  • Saflok: A28100, A28110, MT
A28110 Battery Attributes :
Application Door Lock
Voltage 6.0 V
Capacity 2800mAh
Chemistry Alkaline
Size 58mm x 52.5mm x 14.7
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector