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RRC2040, NC2040HD31, NC2040, NC2040GS- 10.8V 3.1Ah (33.5Wh) Lithium Ion Battery

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Our RRC2040 battery crosses to NC2040HD31 is also known as N2040GS-GSSSI, NC2040. It offers 11.1V/3.0Ah (33Wh)  of power - it is a Lithium Ion Battery.

The RRC2040 is a compact standard smart battery offering high energy density for portable products. It features an 'always on' integrated LCD state of charge bar graph indicator in addition to it full SMBus SBS functionality.

Battery Attributes :
Amp H 3.0
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 11.1 V
Chemistry Lithium ion
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts


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