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Prescolite, Lithonia E1875-01-00 Battery for Emergency Lights, Exit Signs

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Lithonia, Prescolite E1875-01-00 Emergency Lighting or Exit Sign Battery. This Battery is also known as E18750100, Aritech 60401005, Neptune UNIGUN, ENB06006, Sharp 51500RS and more. For complete list see below.

Also Fits:

Aritech 10050205, Aritech 60401005, Aritech DU140, Aritech DU264,Arius DU140, Dc Battery 1686, Ge/Ericsson/macom 60401005, Ge/Ericsson/macom 60410C5, Interstate Batteries ANIC0099, Prescolite E1875-01-00, Prescolite E82082100, Prescolite ENB06006, Sanyo 10050205E, Schlumberger Neptune TU89, Schlumberger Neptune UNIGUN, Schlumberger Neptune VISUAL READER, Sharp 51500RS, Sharp CE140P

If this battery has a higher mAh rating than your original version---please do not be concerned. This means it will work for longer when and if required. By no means will if negatively affect the operation of your emergency lights.

Weight: 0.25 IBS, Width: 1.0600, Length: 1.6700,  Height: 2.0600

Battery Attributes:
Voltage: 6.0 V
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Chemistry : NiCd

BIN# 306