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Powersonic DCG12-110 - 12V Deep Cycle Battery

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The DCG12-110 is part of our DCG range of deep cycle gel batteries which have been designed specifically to offer superior performance in cyclic applications. The 12V 110.00Ah gel battery offers a high cycle life in a large range of cyclic applications including mobility, golf, solar and wind.

Power Sonic’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and process control combined with rigorous quality assurance procedures guarantee consistent and reliable performance.

Product Features:

  • Deep Cycle Battery.
  • Thixotropic gel electrolyte for enhanced performance.
  • Power/Volume ratio yielding unrivalled energy density.
  • Proven value regulated technology that guarantees safe operation without maintenance.
  • Rugged impact resistant ABS case and Cover.
  • Designed specifically for cyclic applications.
  • Approved for transport by air D.0.T, I.A.T.A, F.A.A and C.A.B Certified

Model:    DCG12-110
Nominal Voltage:   12V
Capacity @ 20HR (AH):   110.00 Ah
Capacity @ 20HR (AH):    102.30 Ah
Weight:       36.0 Kg / 79.4 Lbs
Case:    ABS UL94:HB (flame retardant UL94:V0 version also available)
Terminal :  T11

Length     410 mm / 16.14"
Width      177 mm / 6.97"
Height     225mm / 8.86"
Recommended Charger   PSC-1210000-PC, PSC-1220000-PC


Datasheet:   DCG12-110_datasheet pdf