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Panasonic P637-L022-ND Battery Pack, Cross to HHR-370A2X2

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM provides some Standard Off The Shelf Solutions - for end users in need of Custom Battery Packs for their day to day operations. This 4.8V/3.8AH Solution, also known as the P637-L022-ND Battery or the HHR-370A2X2 Battery, provides a 2x2 battery pack using Panasonic HHR380A 4/3A Cells x 4.


The Battery Pack comes with tabs out - the end user can fasten their own wire leads or harness  - or contact BBM for further customization requirements.  



Voltage - 4.8V

Capacity - 3.8AH

Chemistry - NiMh

Dimensions - 1.43" L x 0.72" W x 5.28" H (36.4mm x 18.2mm x 134.0mm)

Termination -  Solder Tabs