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Panasonic CR123A Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Panasonic Lithium CR123A, CR123APABD Battery. Delivering 3V/1550mAh of unequaled power. Trust Panasonic for your CRITICAL battery Applications - the worlds largest battery supplier.

CR123 and CR123A batteries are ideal for small–high output devices like cameras, flash lights (such as Streamlights), smart home devices, tactical equipment and other battery-powered devices. 

Fits Model: K123LA, EL123A, L123, CR17345, CR123, 5018LC, DL123A, EL123AP

CR123A Battery Specifications:
Battery Type: Cylindrical Cell
Voltage: 3.0 V
Capacity : 1550mAh
Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Size: 2/3A (17mm x 34mm)
Terminal Type: Flat / Button


Panasonic CR123A Provides:

  • The renowned power source mostly used in today's cameras, instrumentation and high power flashlights.
  • Lightweight and durable they perform well in extreme temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F.
  • Panasonic makes many of the CR123A 'brands' you already know including Surefire, Streamlight and many others. Perhaps the BEST - CR123A battery made, at any price.

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