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Omron CPM2C-BAT01 Replacement Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the ER10/28PHR2 Replacement Battery for the Omron CPM2C-BAT01 and other Mitsubishi, PLC's and Automation Equipment. Delivering 3.6V/450mAh of power, it is built in house in Canada, in our ISO certified facility.


PLEASE NOTE - this battery comes with both a 2 pin and a 3 pin connector. The ER10/28PHR2 is the 2 pin version. Please see Cross List Reference above for the 3 pin version 


ER10/28PHR2 Battery Specifications:

Chemistry-  Lithium (Non-rechargeable)
Voltage- 3.6V
Capacity- 450mAh
Dimensions- 29.06mm x 11.80mm 
Terminals- 2 pin Connector and wire leads  


BIN - CS-705