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Ni-CD 4/5A Battery with Solder Tabs, 1.2V/1200mAh Cell

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the TABBED Nickel Cadium 4/5A Size Battery. This 1.2V/1.2AH replacement 4/5A cell, will provide the required power for your Ni-Cad powered instrument.


If you require a battery pack made with this cell, please email specifics to

If you require the bare cell 4/5A Nicad Battery - please see the Cross Reference Recommendation above.


 PLEASE CONTACT, for pricing on quantities over and above those listed above


Nickel Cadmium 4/5A Battery Attributes:
Battery Type Cylindrical Cell
Voltage 1.2V
Capacity 1200mAh
Chemistry NiCd
Size 4/5A - 17mm x 43mm
Terminal Type Flat Top with solder tabs