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Motorola Workabout Pro 4, Workabout Pro G4 Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the  CS-WA3006BX Battery  for various Workabout Pro Models (see complete list below) and crosses directly to the Motorola 1050594 battery. This UPGRADED replacement battery offers over 50% more capacity over the standard battery. 


Fits Motorola Model #:

  • 3 Model C
  • 3 Model S
  • WorkAbout Pro 4
  • WorkAbout Pro G1
  • WorkAbout Pro G2
  • WorkAbout Pro G3
  • WorkAbout Pro G4 


Battery Specifications:
Battery Type:     Battery Pack
Voltage:     3.7 V
mAh:     3300 mAh
Chemistry:     Lithium ion
Terminal Type:     Pressure Contacts