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Motorola SX700R, M370H1A Battery - cross to part number KEBT072, BNH-370

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM Supplies the CS-MTV700TW battery as an replacement for the Motorola TalkAbout SX700R ,  TalkAbout SX710 and more ( see list below). This Battery is a direct cross reference to the Motorola KEBT072 Battery.

Battery Attributes:

Battery Part #: CS-MTV700TW
Chemistry: Ni-MH
Voltage: 4.8v 
Dimension: 44.03 x 41.43 x 10.81mm

Fit Motorola Radio Model:

Motorola M370H1A Battery , Motorola SX700R Battery, Motorola TalkAbout FV700R Battery, Motorola TalkAbout SX700 Battery,  Motorola TalkAbout SX700R Battery, Motorola TalkAbout SX710 Battery

Crosses to Motorola Battery Part Number:

Motorola  BNH-370,  Motorola KEBT072, Motorola  KEBT072A, Motorola  KEBT-072-A