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Motorola NTNN4496, NNTN4497, NNTN4851, NNTN4970, PMNN4251 Battery Replacement (Upgraded Version)


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BBM Battery supplies the aftermarket replacement Battery CS-MKT497TW for the  Motorola CP150, CP160, PR400, GP3188 Radio (and more). This UPGRADED battery offers 7.2V/2500mAh of power - and replaces the Motorola NTN4970 Battery (and many others below)

NOTE - this upgraded version may be slightly thicker (5mm) than your original version. This may be a problem, ONLY if you are attempting to fit in an existing pouch or holder.

Capacity:     2500mAh
Type:     Ni-MH
Voltage:     7.2V
Rate:     12.96Wh
Color:     Black
Dimension:     121.00 x 60.00 x 38.16mm
Part # CS-MKT497TW

Fit Model:
Motorola CP040 Battery, Motorola CP140 Battery, Motorola CP150 Battery, Motorola CP160 Battery, Motorola CP170 Battery, Motorola CP180 Battery, Motorola CP200 Battery, Motorola CP200D Battery, Motorola CP200XLS Battery, Motorola CP250 Battery, Motorola CP340 Battery, Motorola CP360 Battery, Motorola CP380 Battery, Motorola EP450 Battery, Motorola GP3188 Battery, Motorola GP3688 Battery, Motorola PM400 Battery, Motorola PR400 Battery

Part Number:
MOTOROLA NNTN4496 battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4496AR battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4497 battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4497A battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4497AR battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4851 battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4851A battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4851AC battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4851AR battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4851R battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4970 battery , MOTOROLA NNTN4970AN battery , MOTOROLA NTN4970AR battery , MOTOROLA NTN4496 battery , MOTOROLA NTN4497 battery,  MOTOROLA Motorola CP150 Battery , MOTOROLA NTN4970 battery , MOTOROLA PMNN4251 battery 

BIN CS-1307


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