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Motorola NTNN4496, NNTN4497, NNTN4851, NNTN4970 Battery Replacement (Standard)

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement CS-MKT496TW Battery for the Motorola CP150, CP160, CP200D, PR400, and the GP3188 Radio (and more). This STANDARD Li-Ion battery offers 7.2V/1800mAh of power - and replaces the Motorola NTN4970 Battery (and many others below). In stock & ready to ship. 

This battery will fit the following models:

Motorola: CP040, CP140, CP150, CP160, CP170, CP180, CP200, CP200D, CP200XLS, CP250, CP340, CP360, CP380, EP450, GP3188, GP3688, PM400, PR400

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

NNTN4496, NNTN4496AR, NNTN4497, NNTN4497A, NNTN4497AR, NNTN4851, NNTN4851A, NNTN4851AC, NNTN4851AR, NNTN4851R, NNTN4970, NNTN4970A, NNTN4970AR, NTN4496, NTN4497, NTN4497AR, NTN4970, PMNN4251

Battery Specifications:
Part No.: CS-MKT496TW
Capacity: 1800mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 7.2V
Rate: 12.96Wh
Dimension: 121.00 x 60.00 x 33.16mm

BIN CS-1303

This battery is also available with an upgraded capacity (2500mAh) - If interested, please see the cross reference recommendation CS-MKT497TW