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Motorola MT1500, PR1500, XTS1500 & XTS2500 battery for Two-Way Radios

Regular price $48.95 CAD

HIGH-CAPACITY Replacement Battery for MOTOROLA MT1500, PR1500, XTS1500 & XTS2500 Two-Way Radios

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Li-ion
Voltage    7.5V
Capacity   2500mAh / 18.75Wh
Dimensions   157.00 x 56.30 x 22.70mm
Model Number   CS-MTX150TW

Models that this battery will fit:

MT1500, PR1500, XTS1500, XTS2500

Part numbers associated with this product:

NNTN7335, NNTN7554, NNTN9858, NTN9815, NTN9815A, NTN9851AR, NTN9851B

BIN CS-1822