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Motorola GP350 Battery Replacement for HNN9360


Regular price $41.95 CAD

In Stock In CANADA - $41.95e. BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement CS-HTP350TW battery for Motorola GP350 radios - this battery is a direct cross on the HNN 9360. HNN9360A, B & C.

Fit Model:
Motorola GP350 Battery

Part Number:
Motorola HNN9360 Battery , Motorola HNN9360A Battery , Motorola HNN9360B Battery , Motorola HNN9360C Battery 

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 1800mAh
Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 7.5V
Rate: 13.50Wh
Color: Black
Dimension: 142.10 x 62.80 x 18.90mm