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Mosquito Magnet MM565021, HHD10006 , H-SC3000X4 Replacement Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the replacement for the MM565021 Battery for the Mosquito Magnet. This is a direct cross on the HHD10006 and H-SC3000X4 Battery. This battery fits the Liberty Plus & Executive Traps. Built by BBM in our ISO certified facility - this battery will get the job done. 



This 4.8V/3300mAh NiMh battery is a custom made Nickel Metal Hydride assembly used in the Liberty Plus and the Executive Mosquito Magnet traps.

Protect your family from pesky mosquitoes and insects that may carry serious diseases - keep your Mosquito Magnet running at peak performance with the replacement of our high quality battery pack

Battery Attributes
Voltage 4.8 V
Capacity  3300 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector



Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.