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Logitech Harmony 720, 880, 890, 885, 900 Series Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement battery CS-LOH880RC for the Logitech Harmony 880, Logitech MX-800 and more. This Battery is a direct replacement for the R-1G7 - for a complete list of models and battery cross reference - see below:

CS-LOH880RC Battery Attributes:

Capacity: 950mAh
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.7V
Rate: 3.52Wh
Dimension: 53.07 x 33.08 x 7.78mm

Fit Model:

Harman Kardon TC30 Battery

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Monster AVL300  Battery, Monster AVL300s Battery , Monster MCC-AV100 Battery 

PLEASE NOTE - this battery does not fit the MX890 Universal Remote

Part Number:

1903040000  battery, 190304200  battery, 190304-200 battery, 1903042000  battery, 1903042001  battery,  815000037  battery, 994000033 battery, F12440023  battery, HHD10010  battery, K43D  battery, M36B  battery,  M41B battery, MSE10007  battery,  NC1002  battery,   NTA2340 battery, R1G7 battery  battery, RIG7  battery,  R-IG7  battery, RLI001.9  battery, R-RG7  battery