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Li204SX, NI2040, NI2040PH Replacement Battery fits Anritsu Analyzers

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the LI204SX for the Anritsu MS2024A, MS2025B, MS2026A, MS2090A, MT8212E, MS2722C and more. This rechargeable Li-Ion battery delivers 10.8V/7.8Ah and is specifically designed to fit a variety of different equipment - including portable I.T. equipment and analyzers. This battery is a direct replacement for the 1420-0868, 633-44, 989803129131 and more - see complete lists below. In stock & ready to ship.

This battery will fit the following models:

Anritsu: MS2024A, MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2026A, MS2026B, MS2026C, MS2027C, MS2028B, MS2028C, MS202xA, MS202xB, MS202xC, MS2034A, MS2034B, MS2035B, MS2036A, MS203xA, MS203xB, MS2090A, MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E, MS271xE, MS2721A, MS2722C, MS2723B, MS2723C, MS2724B, MS2724C, MS2725C, MS2726C, MS272xB, MS272xC, MT8212E, MT8213E, MT821xE, S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E, S3x1E, S3x2E, S412E, JDSU MTS-6000 Spect 

This battery will replace the following models:

1420-0868, 633-44, 633-75, 989803129131, GP DR-204, LI204SX, LI204SX-60, LI204SX-60A, LI204SX-66, LI204SX-66A

Battery Specifications:
Part No.: LI204SX
Chemistry: Lithium (rechargeable) 
Voltage: 10.8V 
Capacity: 7.8Ah 
Dimensions: 21.4 x 5.8 x 2.1cm

Spec sheet

MSDS ( Material Safety Datasheet)

If you require an overnight (air) shipment, these batteries must ship as Class 9 Hazardous or Dangerous Goods. There will be an additional fee of $75.00 to cover the Hazmat Surcharge - you will be contacted for payment after ordering. There is no extra charge for standard ground shipments. 

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