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Leica GEB211, GEB212 Battery for Data Collector


Regular price $39.95 CAD

BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement CS-GBE211XL Battery for the Leica ATX1200, RX900 and more (see below).  This Battery is a direct cross to the Leica GBE221 & ZBA200 Battery. In Stock, In CANADA - $37.50e.

Size - 72mm x 39.5mm x 20.9mm

Manufactured with high quality Samsung cells. 

Battery Attributes :
Voltage 7.4 V
mAh 2800 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion


Fit Model:
Leica ATX1200 Battery, Leica ATX900 Battery, Leica CS10 Battery, Leica CS15 Battery, Leica GNSS receiver Battery, Leica GPS900 Battery, Leica GRX1200 Battery, Leica GS20 Battery,Leica Piper 100 Battery, Leica Piper 200 Battery, Leica RX1200 Battery, Leica RX900 Battery, Leica SR20 Battery, Leica Stonex R6+ Battery, Leica TS11 Battery, Leica TS12 Battery, Leica TS16 Battery, Leica Zoom 20 Battery, Leica Zoom 30 Battery, Leica Zoom 35 Battery, Leica Zoom 80 Battery, Leica ZT80+ Battery

Part Number:
724117 Battery , 733269 Battery, 733270 Battery, 772806 Battery, GBE211 Battery, GBE221 Battery,GEB211 Battery, GEB212 Battery, GEB90 Battery, ZBA200 Battery , ZBA400 Battery

BIN# CS-1511

    If you need Heavy duty (4400 mAh) upgraded version of the battery, please click the image below.


    PLEASE NOTE - if you have the GLK221 Charger this battery will not work in that Charger. You can though - purchase the DF-LPX120DE Charger as a suppliment. This Charger will charge our battery replacement - it can then be used in your instrument.

    Click on the picture below for charger details: