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L92 Energizer Ultimate AAA Lithium Battery


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BBM supplies the Energizer L92 Ultimate Lithium Battery. The Energizer L92, is the world’s longest lasting AAA battery in high-tech devices. Lasting up to 9x longer in digital cameras, means 9x less waste, and a decreased carbon footprint. This Energzer Ultimate Lithium L92 AAA Battery, also lasts 8 hours longer in a GPS. This battery performs in temperatures from -40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140 °F) and holds power up to 15 years (when not in use). On top of this it is  33% lighter than ordinary alkaline AA batteries.

Application: Works as a substitute for any AAA Alkaline 

Energizer AAA Battery Specifications:
Voltage: 1.5V
Capacity: 1250mAh
Chemistry: Lithium
Size: AAA
Terminal Type: Button Top