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JAY Transmitter XDE, UDB2, UWB A001, VUF110 Battery


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BBM supplies the Aftermarket Jay Transmitter Replacement GP70AAAH3TX Battery or the XDB Battery for UDE, UWB, A001 Transmitter (and more).  In stock and ready to ship.

Capacity: 700mAh
Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 3.6V
Rate: 2.52Wh
Color: Blue
Dimension: 44.70 x 21.10 x 19.80 mm

Fit Model:
Jay Transmitter XDE Battery, Jay UDB2 Battery, Jay UDE Transmitter Battery, Jay UWB A001 Battery, Jay VUF110 Battery

Part Number:
GP70AAAH3TX Battery,  XDB Battery



    BIN# 1144