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Itron 600143-001 Battery for DATTUS DM2 Meter & Actaris Gas Meter

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Aftermarket 600143-001 Battery. Delivering 3.6V/19AH of power - this is a  drop in replacement for your Actaris, Itron Meter. This battery is built in house By BBM Battery in our ISO registered facility. It uses a French made LS33600 cell and  has a 20 ohm resistor and a 1N5818 diode for extra protection. The 600143-001 Battery fits Actaris gas meter and Itron Dattus DM2 Meter.


Product Name - 600143-1
Voltage - 3.6V
Capacity - 19.0AH
Chemistry - Non Rechargeable Lithium
Dimensions - 33.5mm x 61mm plus connector

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Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.