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ICOM BP-7, CM-7, IC-A2, IC-BP8 Battery for Two Way Radios

Regular price $46.95 CAD

BBM Battery Supplies the replacement CS-ICM700TW battery that fits Icom 02AT, 03AT, IC-M2, IC-U16 Radios and crosses to Icom Radio Battery part numbers BP-7, BP-7H, CM-7, CM-7G, CM-7H, IC-A2, IC-BP8 Battery. In Stock, In Canada - for immediate delivery - $46.95e

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Ni-MH
Voltage   13.2V
Capacity   1000mAh / 13.20Wh
Dimensions   82.86 x 65.97 x 35.00mm

Models that this battery will fit:

02AT, 03AT, 04AT, 12AT, 2A, 2AT, 2GAT, 32A, 32AT, 32E, 3AT, 4AT, 4GAT, H/U12, H/U16, H/U2, H6, HTX-202, HTX-404, IC-02GAT, IC-12AT, IC-12GAT, IC-2AT, IC-2GAT, IC-32A, IC-32AT, IC-32E, IC-3AT, IC-3GAT, IC-4AT, IC-4GAT, IC-A2, IC-A20, IC-A21, IC-H12, IC-H16, IC-H16T, IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-M11, IC-M12, IC-M2, IC-M5, IC-U12, IC-U16, IC-U16T, IC-U2, M12, M2, M5

Part numbers associated with this product:

BP-7, BP-7H, CM-7, CM-7G, CM-7H, IC-A2, IC-BP8



BIN CS-1813