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Heine Accubox II ( X-04.99.624 ) Head Light Battery - 6V/1400mAh Nicad Pack

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies our Part # 6641 as a replacement for the Heine Accubox II Head Light Battery. As a direct cross to the Heine X-04.99.624 Battery, it delivers 6V/1.4AH - and will keep your Head Lamp fully operational.  This battery comes without a connector - you must save and re-use the connector off of your old battery


BUY your Critical Medical Replacement Batteries from Canada's ONLY Health Canada Certified Battery Manufacturer. We are ISO 13485 Certified.


NOTE - this battery is the NiCad version (older) - if you prefer the upgraded Ni-Mh version see 6641-NIMH in the Cross Reference Recommendation above,