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HBC Radiomatic BA213020 Battery Replacement for BA214060, BA214061 & FUB10XL

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the aftermarket CS-FBA213BL Battery for HBC Industrial Cranes. This 6V/2000mAh Battery crosses to the HBC 005-01-00466 Battery (and more - see below) and is a drop in replacement for The Radiomatic Spectrum 2 and Spectrum 3 Cranes (complete list below).

This battery will fit the following industrial crane models:

HBC: BA14061, Fub06 Eex, FUB10AA, FUB10XL, FUB78AA, PM471560, Radiomatic BA210040, Radiomatic BA211060, Radiomatic BA213020, Radiomatic BA214060, Radiomatic BA214061, Radiomatic FUB10XL, Radiomatic FUB78AA, Radiomatic PM458017, Radiomatic PM471560, Radiomatic Spectrum 2, Radiomatic Spectrum 3, Spectrum 3

Liebherr: Funkst

This battery will replace the following part numbers: 

HBC: 005-01-00466, BA210, BA213020, BA214060, BA214061, RHB1220KY

Battery Specifications:
Chemistry: Ni-MH 
Voltage: 6.0V
Capacity: 2000mAh
Color: Red or Black (interchangeable)
Dimensions: 153.67 x 56.30 x 19.94 mm 

BIN: CS-1214