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GE, Panametrics 200-058, TEB-200-058 Battery for Magna-Mike 8500 Thickness Gage


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BBM Battery builds our ZNG-200-058 battery offering 6V/3000mAh of power for the GE Magna-Mike 8500 - it is a direct cross for the 200-058, TEB-200-058 Battery.



Chemistry    Ni-MH
Voltage    6.0V
Capacity    3000mAh / 18.00Wh 
Model Number    ZNG-200-058

SIZE :  112.4mm x 46.12mm x 22.6mm with connector

This replacement GE battery is rated at 6.0V, 3000mAh / 18.00Wh It is designed specifically for your device. It is manufactured to a very high standard to enhance the performance of your device. The batteries are designed with high quality components in our ISO certified factory.

Models that this battery are known to support:-
GE Magna-Mike 8500 , TEB-200-058
Battery codes that this product is known to replace:-