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Enersys Genesys G16EP Battery, 0769-2007, G12V16AH10EP

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Pure Lead,  Genesis G16EP Battery. This 12V/16AH Battery - also known as the 0769-2007, is the premiere battery available in its class. This Battery which is still, MADE IN THE USA, is made specific for harsh environments, & critical, demanding applications. Manufactured to withstand wide temperature fluctuations of -40 to +45 degrees C - it maintains excellent depth of discharge. 



Genesis G16EP Battery is Used Primarily for:

Wind and Solar applications

Medical Applications

Hybrid & EV Applications



  • Length 7.12" / 180.8mm
  • Width 2.99" / 75.9mm
  • Height 6.57 / 166.9mm
  • Weight 14.1lbs. / 6.4kg.M6 
  • Terminal: Brass (metric) M6 w/ss hardware (6mm Recessed Terminal)