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Enersys Cyclon 0800-0011 Battery - 6.0V/5.0AH

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Enersys 0800-0011, GE 0487 Battery offering 6.0V/5.0AH of power in a ABS plastic enclosure - using Enersys pure lead cylindrical cells. 


Enersys Cyclon 0800-0011 Battery General Features:
  • Pure Lead-Tin VRLA AGM Design
  • Superior Deep Discharge Recovery 
  • High Rate Charge and Discharge
  • Two Year Shelf Life
  • 200+ Full Depth Discharge Cycles
  • Operating Temperature Range -65°C to +80°C 
Hawker, Gates, EnerSys Cyclon 0800-0011 Battery Specifications:
Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage: 6 volts
Nominal Capacity: 5.0Ah
Terminals: .250" faston
Dimensions (L x W x H):
5.44 x 1.96 x 3.16
Weight (pounds):