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Ecovacs Dibea ZN101, K6, L6 Batery for Robot Vacuum

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $39.95 CAD

In Stock, In CANADA $39.95e.  BBM supplies our aftermarket replacement battery ZNG-M607 for the Ecovacs Dibea K6, L6 and more (see below). This 14.4V/1.8AH battery also fits the Midea R1-L051B - it will keep your Vacuum powered.


  • Dibea K6
  • Dibea K6L
  • Dibea L6 
  • Dibea ZN101
  • L6
  • ZN101
  • ZN101 Midea 
  • R1-L051B

Battery Attributes 

Capacity: 1800mAh

Type: Ni-MH 

Voltage: 14.4V

Rate: 25.92Wh

Dimension: 99.74 x 43.03 x 29.13mm


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