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Dual Lite 0120745 Emergency Lighting Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Aftermarket Dual Lite 0120745 Battery for Emergency Lighting or Exit Signs. Delivering 6V/2500mAh of power, this battery crosses to the 850.0050 battery and the 49B121FD04 Battery.


Dantona CUSTOM-64, Dc Battery 1071, Dual Lite 0110223, Dual Lite 0120745, Dual Lite 12-074, Dual Lite 12-745, Dual Lite 2594, Ge/Ericsson/macom 41B121FB04, Ge/Ericsson/macom 49B121FD04, General Electric / Ge 41B121FB04, General Electric / Ge 49B121FD04, Interstate Batteries ANIC0025, Light Alarms 8500050, Light Alarms XE9A

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 6.0 V
mAh 2500 mAh
Chemistry NiCd
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector



Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.