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Cyclon 0859-0012 Enersys, Hawker, Gates Monobloc Battery


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Cyclon SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery Monobloc Battery 0859-0012. Enersys Cyclon monoblock batteries packs provide pure lead power. Formerly known as Hawker Cyclon batteries, this battery pack will provide incredible power density, cycle life and fast recharge capabilities in a 6 volt format. 

Size / Dimension 5.48" L x 2.13" W x 4.00" H (139.2mm x 54.1mm x 101.6mm)

Weight: 3.0500 lbs
6.0v / 8.0Ah

Primary Applications: Battery assembly, primary and back up power

Replaces: 1000010162, 12-862, 2007, 26120, 80159, 880005, 8800050, AS01056, CE707, DAN08590012, E11, HEP0859-0012, JAB0859-0012, PSG680, SLA1270

Battery Attributes
Amp H     8.0
Voltage     6.0 V