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Cyclon 0809-0012 Enersys, Hawker, Gates Monobloc Battery

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Enersys Cyclon 0809-0012, 6V/5.0AH Pure Lead X cell Monobloc battery. This battery can be used as a stand alone battery or assembled into battery packs - capable of supplying incredible power density with fast charge capabilities. In stock & ready to ship. 


This battery will replace the following part numbers:

12706, 12793, 2006, 26119, 600E02, 80154, 8800006, CE706, HEP0809-0012, JAB0809-0012, LL6, PSG650, SB606B, 

Cyclon 0809-0012 Battery Specifications:
Lead Acid
Voltage: 6.0V
Capacity: 5.0Ah
Dimensions: 5.48 x 2.12 x 3.02
Operational Temp: -40 to +40C