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Denso GT10B, DS26H2-D Battery Replacement for part SB10N

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BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement ZNG-SB10N battery for the Denso SB10N. This battery fits the GT10B-SB barcode scanner. It also fits the Denso DS26H2-D and Nippon scanners (part numbers below). Made by BBM Battery in our ISO certified facility - these batteries are in stock and ready to ship.

Fit Model:
  • DS26H2-D
  • GT10B
  • DS26H2-D
  • GT10B
  • SB10N

Fit Denso Part Number: 
  • SB10N 


Battery Attributes:

Item no .: ZNG-SB10N
Capacity :  2000MAH
Chemistry : NI-MH
Voltage:  2.4V 
Dimensions :  49.20 X 28.93 X 14.73MM


BIN - 1214