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HBC Remote Crane Battery for FUB 9NM, Linus, Micron, Spectrum Cranes and many more

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Our remote Crane battery offers -  6V 700mAh of power. This  Ni-Mh  battery replaces the following batteries and more -  BA209000, BA209060, BA209061, FUB9NM, PM237745002.- CS-FBA209BL


Fit Model:

Hbc FBFUB09N Battery , Hbc FUB 9NM 6V Battery, Hbc FUB9NM Battery, Hbc Linus 4 Battery, Hbc Linus 6 Battery, Hbc Micron 4 Battery, Hbc Micron 6 Battery, Hbc Radiomatic Eco Battery, Hbc Remote Control Crane Truck Driving Battery, Hbc Spectrum 1 Battery, Hbc Spectrum 2 Battery, Hbc Spectrum A Battery, Hbc Spectrum B Battery, Hbc Technos Battery
Part Number:

BA209000 Battery , BA209060 Battery, BA209061 Battery, Fub9NM Battery, PM237745002 Battery

This battery can work with original OEM charger that supports Ni-MH chemistry. 

Battery Attributes
Voltage 6.0 V
mAh 700 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
Dimensions   57.40 x 56.35 x 17.00mm