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Bullard ACAM0022, BZT3MAX, T3NI00688, T3 NIMH Battery for T3 Thermal Imager

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-BZT3MD Battery for Bullard Heiman T3, T4 Thermal Imaging Cameras (see complete model list below).This replacement Bullard battery is rated at 9.6V/2000mAh. This battery is a drop in replacement for the Bullard ACAM0022, Bullard BZT3MAX, Bullard T3NI00688, Bullard T3NIMH Batteries. 

This Battery is designed specifically for your Bullard device and manufactured to a very high standard to promote optimum performance. All batteries are designed with high quality components within our ISO 9001 certified factory. 

Battery Attributes:
Capacity: 2000mAh
Type: Ni-MH 
Voltage: 9.6V
Rate: 19.20Wh
Dimension: 88.00 x 71.00 x 35.00mm

Fit Bullard Model:
Bullard Heiman T3 Battery, Bullard T3 Battery, Bullard T3 Max Battery, Bullard T320 Battery, Bullard T320T Battery, Bullard T3ALK Battery, Bullard T3LT Battery, Bullard T3MAX Battery, Bullard T3MAXWITH TT Battery, Bullard T3MAXWITH-TT Battery, Bullard T3XT Battery, Bullard T4 Battery, Bullard T4MAX Battery , Bullard T4n Battery

Cross to Bullard Battery Part Number:
Bullard ACAM0022, Bullard BZT3MAX, Bullard T3NI00688, Bullard T3NIMH

*This battery does not include the connections for the Cadex Analyzer 


BIN #: CS-1014