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Bearcat, Uniden, Icom Scanner Battery pack for SC120, SC150, BC220, BP250 and more

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Battery Type: Battery Pack
Capacity: 200mAh
Type:  Ni-MH
Voltage: 4.8V
Dimension: 50.51 x 38.80 x 28.60mm


Bearcat BC120XLT Battery , Bearcat BC220XLT Battery , Bearcat BC230XLT Battery , Bearcat BC235XLT Battery , Bearcat BC245XLT Battery

Icom IC-T22A Battery, Icom IC-T42A Battery, Icom IC-T7A Battery, Icom IC-T7H Battery, Icom IC-W31A Battery, Icom IC-W32A Battery, Icom IC-Z1A Battery

Nascar SC140 Battery, Nascar SC140B Battery, Nascar SC150 Battery, Nascar SC150B Battery, Nascar SC150Y Battery, Nascar SC180 Battery, Nascar SC180B Battery, Nascar SC200 Battery

Radio Shack 20-520 Battery ,Radio Shack Pro-90 Battery

Sportcat SC140 Battery, Sportcat SC140B Battery, Sportcat SC150 Battery, Sportcat SC150B Battery, Sportcat SC150Y Battery, Sportcat SC180 Battery, Sportcat SC180B Battery, Sportcat SC200 Battery

Trunk Trackers BC250D Battery ,Trunk Trackers BC296D Battery

Uniden BC120 Battery , Uniden BC120XLT Battery , Uniden BC220 Battery,  Uniden BC-220 Battery , Uniden BC220XLT Battery , Uniden BC230 Battery , Uniden BC-230 Battery , Uniden BC230XLT Battery , Uniden BC235 Battery , Uniden BC235XLT Battery , Uniden BC-235XLT Battery , Uniden BC236XLT Battery , Uniden BC245 Battery ,Uniden BC-245SLT Battery , Uniden BC245XLT Battery , Uniden BC246XLT Battery,  Uniden BC250D Battery , Uniden BC-250D Battery ,Uniden BC296D Battery , Uniden BC-296D Battery , Uniden BP1000 Battery , Uniden BP120 Battery, Uniden BP-120 Battery, Uniden BP150 Battery, Uniden BP1600 Battery, Uniden BP180 Battery, Uniden BP-180 Battery, Uniden BP250 Battery, Uniden BP-250 Battery ,  Uniden RS PRO90 Battery,  Uniden SC150 Battery, Uniden SC-150 Battery, Uniden SC160 Battery ,Uniden SC180 Battery,  Uniden SC-180 Battery, Uniden SC1809 Battery, Uniden SC200 Battery, Uniden SC-200 Battery



Bearcat P120, Bearcat BP150, Bearcat BP180, Bearcat BP250

Icom BP120, Icom BP150, Icom BP180, Icom BP250

Nascar BP120, Nascar BP150, Nascar BP180, Nascar BP250

Radio Shack BP120, Radio Shack BP150, Radio Shack BP180, Radio Shack BP250

Sportcat BP120, Sportcat BP150, Sportcat BP180, Sportcat BP250

Trunk Trackers BP120, Trunk Trackers BP150, Trunk Trackers BP180, Trunk Trackers BP250

Uniden BBTY0356001



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Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.