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BATT11 - Welch- Allyn/ Riester 3.7V Li-Ion Medical Battery - Part # 6911

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Replacement Welch-Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Battery. This rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery has a nominal voltage of 3.7v and a rated capacity of 2200mAh. OEM part BATT11

Battery Specifications: 

Chemistry   Li-ion
Voltage   3.7V
Capacity   2200mAh / 8.14Wh
Dimensions   70.63 x 19.60 x 19.60mm
Model Number   6911

Models that this battery will fit:

L Otoscopes, Laryngoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Ri-disporeg, Ri-integralreg, Ri-modulreg, Ri-scopereg

Connex ProBP 3400, Connex ProBP 3400 Pro BP

Part numbers associated with this product:

10691, Ri-accu


WARRANTY: 12 months.

BIN 1255