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Actaris 600143-011 Battery Replacement for Itron Dattus Meter DM2 (Parallel Pack)

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the  Actaris 600143-011 Battery Replacement for the Itron Dattus Meter (DM2). This 3.6V/38AH Parallel Battery pack - is a drop in replacement for the Primary Lithium  Battery Pack part number 600143-001 - and is supplied as a 2 system battery pack. Sold by Actaris as a 600143-001 Rev 901 Battery - each cell is protected by a 20 Ohm/2 watt Resistor and a IN5818 Diode.

Built in house in our ISO Certified Facility 


Voltage - 3.6V
Capacity - 38AH
Dimensions - 34mm x 62mm (each battery x 2) + 2 connectors
Chemistry - Non Rechargeable Lithium (Primary)
Termination - 2 connectors

BIN - 330