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IBM 44L0313 Battery for IBM System FC Disk Controller - Cache Adapter - part number 3HR-AAC

BBM Battery Canada

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Do not lose that critical back up information! Our 44L0313 battery is a perfect drop in replacement for your current depleted battery. These IO Cache Adapter Batteries - use the finest quality Panasonic cells and are built by BBM - in our ISO certified facility.  Made specifically to fit your  IBM System FC Disk Controller, I series Controllers, AS2740 controllers and many more - for a complete list see below: 

Battery Attributes:
Capacity: 1650mah 
Chemistry: Ni-mh
Terminal: Wire leads & connector 


IBM AS2740 Battery, IBM AS400 Battery, IBM AS400 i5 Battery, IBM cache controller FC2778 Battery, IBM FC Disk Controller Battery, IBM iSeries Battery, IBM pSeries Battery, IBM xSeries Battery

Part Number:
Ibm 22R2717 Battery , Ibm 2763 Battery , Ibm 2778 Battery , Ibm 2782 Battery , Ibm 3HR-AAC Battery , Ibm 42R5070 Battery , Ibm 44L0313 Battery , Ibm 5703 Battery , Ibm 5709 Battery , Ibm 5729 Battery 


Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the OEM battery

There are several different models of batteries that fit the same series Raid Cache controllers - depending on the age of the Controller - please verify size and chemistry of your old battery before ordering. 

If you require Nicad battery with a 2 pin connector (44L0302) ---- Please see the battery in the cross reference recommendation (above) 

If you require Nimh slightly smaller 44L0305 battery --- Please see the battery in the cross reference recommendation (above)