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Uniden, Toshiba, Sony, Southwestern Bell BBTG0609001, BT1002, CBC1002 Replacement Battery for cordless phone


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BBM supplies the ZNG-UT1002CL battery for your Cordless Phones. This battery fits DECT 1060, DCX100, DECT 1080... .In Stock and ready to ship.

Fit Model:
Sony DECT 1060 Battery , Sony DECT 1080 Battery

Southwestern Bell DCX100 Battery , Southwestern Bell DECT 160 Battery , Southwestern Bell DECT 180 Battery 

Toshiba DCX100 Battery, Toshiba DECT 160 Battery, Toshiba DECT 180 Battery

Uniden DCX100 Battery, Uniden DECT 1060 Battery, Uniden DECT 1060-2 Battery, Uniden DECT 1080 Battery, Uniden DECT 1080-2 Battery

Part Number:
Sony BBTG0609001, Sony BBTG0645001, Sony BT1002, Sony BT-1002,Sony CBC1002

Southwestern Bell BBTG0609001, Southwestern Bell BBTG0645001, Southwestern Bell BT1002, Southwestern Bell BT-1002, Southwestern Bell CBC1002

Toshiba BBTG0609001,Toshiba BBTG0645001,Toshiba BT1002,Toshiba BT-1002,Toshiba CBC1002

Uniden BBTG0609001, Uniden BBTG0645001, Uniden BT1002, Uniden BT-1002,Uniden CBC1002

Battery Attributes :
Voltage 2.4 V
Capacity  800 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
BIN 1130